Cruise Ship Job

The Lure of a Cruise Ship Job

It is every young person’s dream to have the kind of job that lets them travel the world without worrying about expenses or time. Not many positions are as promising in this regard as cruise ship jobs.

Working on a cruise ship offers high income, lots of travel, new friends, and skills learnt in a very short period of time. For young people, cruise ship jobs offer the ideal way to enter the market and a great start to work life.

Getting away: Long gone are the days when youngsters went from their families to starting their own. Many now want the opportunity to take a break and discover themselves, starting with spending time away from home. Distance indeed makes the heart grow fonder, and working on board a cruise ship allows for greater connections with dear ones while getting away from all you knew before.

Travel: One of the greatest attractions of cruise ship life is travel. All cruises head to enticing destinations, and the temptation to see exotic places and different countries as part of work is very strong. Cruise ship jobs offer a new port every other day, and a chance to fulfil a life-long dream to travel the world.

Expand your horizons: There are new things to learn every day. It gives you a great chance to live with and learn about people from different parts of the world, with different mentalities, attitudes and beliefs. It also offers you a chance to learn in-depth about the vast variety of jobs available on cruise ships, through friends and mentors on board.

Work experience in Western countries: For regular jobs, it is rather difficult and expensive to procure work visas to the US and Europe. With cruise ship jobs, this is plain sailing. Companies arrange for seafarers’ visas and provide you with all the documents needed for these visas to be issued.

Career advancement: The experience earned on cruise ship jobs is immense. Learning is quick and in a short span of time. With hard work, dedication and commitment, it is possible to rise quite high on cruise ships and enjoy significant perks that come with the job.

Salary: The biggest lure of cruise ship jobs is the salary. While on board, accommodation, meals and uniforms are provided for free, and ships are tax free zones. This means salaries go straight to your account without any tax deducted. While there are small expenses here and there, these depend on you, and for the most part, a major chunk of your salary can be saved. With conversion to rupees very favourable to seafarers, income for all manner of jobs is higher than what you would earn on land.