Cruise Ship Jobs & Relationships

Cruise ship jobs have many perks, including good salaries, opportunities to travel to exotic places and chances to learn new skills in a short period of time. What is difficult, however, is learning to balance relationships.

When you start a new cruise ship job, you are leaving your family and friends behind for months at a time. This often has consequences, such as growing distant from everyone at home, missing out on important events, and often a very difficult time maintaining long-distance relationships with significant others such as boyfriends, girlfriends or spouses. It is important to find a balance between work and home, even while you are away, so as to nurture relationships that are important to you.

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Working on a cruise line involves being away from home for anywhere between four months to eight months of the year, depending on your designation and role. Most cruise lines offer satellite communication capabilities and Wi-Fi to crew, but these can be expensive. Luckily, cruise ships do not sail for more than a couple of days without a port call, so going ashore and calling home every other day is a very viable option.

It is also important to keep in touch with close friends when you are away, so as to not lose social connectivity when you get back. Just as you do with family, you can use shore leave to send messages or call friends every now and then.

The most contentious facet of being away on cruise ship jobs is the relationship with your significant other – boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. With hundreds of crew mates from around the world in the same lonely position as you in close quarters most of the time, it is very easy to develop intimate relationships on board. Many cruise lines frown upon relationships between crew members, but do not take action unless work is affected. That said, relationships between crew and guests are strictly forbidden, and one can lose one’s job over it.

If you are single and open to relationships on board, know and understand that a majority of these don’t last. Many crew members get involved solely for the length of their contract and find new partners the next time they return. Many do not divulge information about their relationships back home, and could possibly have families they return to. Being involved with other crew members is emotionally risky, tumultuous and can lead to heart break.

This, however, does not mean that they have not worked. A few couples have met on board and formed committed relationships lasting years. They too face challenges, such as working separate contracts on separate cruise ships within the same company, and different working hours.


If you have left a significant other at home while working on a cruise ship, it is important to stay focused and committed. Being in touch as often as possible helps, as does open communication. Trust comes into play during long-distance relationships, and ensuring your loved one knows you care and are trustworthy is vital to strengthening the bond. This becomes doubly important when children are involved.

And when you are on leave, make sure you spend every moment with those you care for and those who care for you, showing just how much you love them.