The innovative internship component of ACCLA Diploma Programme, apart from serving as a effective training element, is a key factor for the eventual placement of the student. This opportunity provides an in depth evaluation of a student by a potential employer and his prospects of placement. The Success and Efficacy of the internship programme is in no small measure due to the fact that ACCLA students are particularly well prepared to be effective trainees during the internship period and that the learning process during internship is guided by structured module.

Structure of Internship


An innovative and valued component of the ACCLA Internship Programme is its structured and methodical approach which aims to develop on the skills and knowledge gathered by ACCLA students during their Six Months campus based instruction.

Structured Programme:

Prior to commencing the internship component of their diploma programmes, each ACCLA student is given a Training and Resource Manual. This manual explains how the Internship Programme is structured into clearly identified section, each of which serve to expose the intern to different facets of Hospitality and their roles in learning the tasks and practices involved. Interns thus gain a complete and clear understanding of what the Internship Programme aims to achieve and are therefore able to relate to their on-board tasks and responsibilities to their overall academic and career goals.

Performance Appraisal:

Performance during the Internship Programme counts towards the final grade of a student, and to this end each intern has to provide evidence of his / her learning during at workplace by submitting an Assignments and Project Report to the Faculty of ACCLA on their return. Each intern also has to address a seminar on the training they have received, to the ANNUAL SEMINAR. These aspects of the appraisal process build upon ACCLA emphasis on "real world" report writing and communications skills and impart a sense of achievement and self-confidence in students.

In-depth Learning:

Learning is induced through probing questions , an eye for detail and exercises intended to stimulate inquisitiveness, leading to a more thorough understanding of the subject. An intern is expected to devote few hours per month towards this type of learning and feedback to the academy .

Internship Hotels